Comment: Why is Piers Morgan obsessed with picking fights with young, attractive women?

His career is built on generating controversy, but the television presenter's disturbing obsession with judging women's looks and clothes is drawing increased criticism. Amanda Cassidy on the behaviour of the biggest name-dropper in the industry. 

He came for Meghan, Taylor, Ariana and Derry Girls star Nicola Coughlan with unhelpful comments over clothes, looks and behaviour. But more people are now asking why Morgan has a "fetish" for criticising young, attractive women. Perhaps everyone is fair game for his caustic tongue, but a brief look at his most controversial comments suggests that when it comes to the opposite sex, Morgan has a lot to say and most of it is called out for being derogatory.

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One of his Twitter spats sparked outrage recently when he weighed in on the picture of actress Nicola Coughlan who was put on the 'worst dressed' list at the BAFTA awards. BBC journalist Dan Walker posted a link to the article with the caption: “Newspaper leads the way in poor, unhelpful, vindictive journalism.”


Morgan immediately responded with, “Oh please... If you go on a red carpet, you’re inviting people to objectify & criticise or praise you.” He was called out for condoning body shaming and fuelling a 'toxic culture'.

"Put some clothes on"

His comments when it comes to how women "should" dress caused controversy last year when poked fun at a photo shoot by girl group Little Mix in which they were photographed naked with criticisms they'd received painted on their body such as "ugly" or "talentless". Morgan was quick off the mark with his jibes writing that Jesy Nelson from the group "Looks ridiculous...she should put some clothes on". Defending the girl's decision, Joan, mother of singer, Ariana Grande weighed in to remind Piers of his manners. "Did you ever hear of paying homage … if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it." Morgan didn't mince his words when he responded with; "I’d just prefer they use their talent to sell records rather than their nudity. As your own daughter does!”

"But the question is why Morgan seems to be focusing all his vitriol on young, attractive women?"

Ariana Grande herself broke her silence to explain to the Good Morning Britain Host that "I use my talent AND my sexuality all the time because I choose to. Women can be sexual AND talented. naked and dignified. it’s OUR choice. & we will keep fighting til people understand".

A piece of work

But the question is why Morgan seems to be focusing all his vitriol on young, attractive women? Some believe it is a ploy to get attention from women. It might explain why many of his columns with the Daily Mail openly insult those in the spotlight, including Meghan Markle. His latest attack on her was to "stop playing games" when it was revealed that both Meghan and Harry opted to keep their son, Archie's christening private.


"It's more than just trying to be controversial, it's proper creepy."

In the past, Piers loved writing about how close he was with the former Suits actress, but that quickly changed when Markle stopped contacting the TV personality. He turned on her with entire articles dedicated to calling her a "ruthless social climber" who was "damn rude" and who "used me to advance their careers."

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Nothing was off-limits including her father. Morgan wrote in his article, "anyone or anything that may not give her what she wants or gets in the way of her social-climbing, self-advancement gets discarded. Her first husband? Ditched as her Suits career took off. Her dysfunctional family? Banned from the wedding – all of them. Her poor old ailing Dad? Cut off and disowned for struggling to cope with media attention about his daughter". He finished by calling her a "piece of work".

His behaviour was called out on Twitter by @Nooruddean who's comment was shared almost 14 thousand times. "Piers Morgan has a disturbing fetish for picking fights with young women. He likes to have his name connected with them and loves to get a personal reaction out of them. It's more than just trying to be controversial, it's proper creepy". @Harrison PE agreed.  "He often draws attention to girls wearing revealing outfits, which of course he *disapproves* of." Another commented. "Like a kid in school, “maybe if I’m nasty to them they’ll notice me”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was also baited by him recently. The youngest US congress-woman was branded a "nasty hypocrite" by Morgan for her criticism of Ivanka Trump's attendance at the G20.



"If he is so unimpressed by what they are doing with their OWN BODIES, why does he spend so much time talking about them like an over-excited puppy?"

But sexist comments are Morgan's forte. He ruffled feathers when he argued the point that women should wear heels to work just as men should wear suits and ties. Despite the receptionist he was interviewing, who had been sent home from her work for refusing to wear high heels, arguing that high heels sexualised women and there was nothing wrong with smart flats, the tone-deaf presenter pointed out that even Teresa May wore heels while being photographed for British Vogue and that she "wanted to be objectified."

The broadcaster also has had a pop at Kim Kardashian over the years. He commented about her black cut-out Thierry Mulger inspired dress, writing on Twitter; "Imagine looking in a mirror and thinking: Yep, that's classy" and described her low-cut dress at the Met Gala as "more than she usually wears." Even if he does have a major issue with how women dress these days, surely he was taught as a child not to insult others - especially those who don't even engage with him. He's branded her a "slapper" but has no problem grinning beside her for a photograph.


Those comments are snobbish, mean, sexist and completely unnecessary.

Having an opinion in media is essential. Having a controversial opinion is encouraged. But there is a disturbing trend here. There seems to be a deliberate targetting of attractive young women to undermine what they are wearing, what they stand for and a need to degrade them for it. Also, if he is so unimpressed by what they are doing with their OWN BODIES, why does he spend so much time talking about them like an over-excited puppy?


A dignified silence is worth a lot in many situations, but sometimes you have to call ignorance out. Consider your card marked, Piers.

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