Coming To A Book Club Near You

If Oprah Winfrey were to commission a book from scratch, The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd would surely be it (and it's not surprisingly her latest Book Club selection). It's got all her favourite themes: slavery, oppressed women yearning to be free of their real and metaphorical shackles, period dress.

The book centres on a reluctant slave-owner, Sarah Grimke and her personal maid Handful, whose name says it all. Both struggle against the confines of their birth in early 19th century Charleston and end up leading most extraordinary, intertwined lives. The casting could be tricky on the heels of 12 Years A Slave- Lupita would make an incredible Handful- but only if she gets to be a Bond Girl or something equally unexpected in the meantime? (think Kerry Washington's move from Hildi in Django to Olivia Pope in Scandal). Typecasting is only another form of restraint.


Laura George @lgeorge353

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