Why colour-changing gin is the drink trend we're all going mad for

If you thought you were getting tired of the gin craze that’s been sweeping the nation in recent years, then you might want to reconsider.

Because the powers-that-be in the world of (g)innovation have ramped up their efforts by creating a product that gin-drinkers and gimmick-lovers alike will struggle to resist…

Yes, we’re talking about colour-changing gin.

Simply put, if you want your next dinner party to kick off with a chorus of ooo’s, aaaaah’s (and maybe even some oo-la-la’s) then get yourself a bottle of one of these magical gins. It all centres around a nifty science hack; when tonic is added to this specially-formulated gin, the liquid’s pH changes, and that’s what causes the colour shift.

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Watch as your guests are enraptured by every pour, gasping and shrieking in gin-fuelled delight. You’ll be surprised by how long it takes for people to get tired of this spectacle and sorcery, so make sure you have enough of the magical gin to satisfy their appetite for spectacle.

Here are three colour-changing gins that we’re fawning over right now:

1. Marks & Spencer joined forces with Scottish distillery The Old Curiosity to create purple and orange botanical gins which change colour and go pink


2. Aldi now stocks Forest Fruits colour-changing gin from McQueen Gin, which transforms from a pale blue to pink


3. If you have any friends who are holidaying in Portugal over the next while, ask them to bring you back a bottle of Sharish Magic Gin - or you can just do it the old-fashioned way and source some online.


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