Cold Feet Is Returning To Our TV Screens

We've heard talk aplenty about many 1990s TV shows making a comeback - that so-called Friends 'reunion? doesn't count - but one that is definitely happening, and that we're very excited about is the legitimate return of the now cult series Cold Feet. Bring on the nostalgia.

Fans were sent into an excited flurry this week as the first pictures of the reunited cast emerged. The beloved series is set to return this spring after a 13-year absence - and we can't wait.

In case you missed the boat, the show centred on the lives and relationships of 30-somethings in Manchester and was remade in over 30 countries around the world following its mega-success. The show ran for five series from 1998 to 2003, drawing in an audience of over 10 million for the season finale. It really was that good.

According to The Guardian, the reason behind the revival came from the ITV network bosses failing to find another British show that captured the warmth and complexities of friendships as well as Cold Feet did. Friends was likely the closest US equivalent, but it is certainly fair to say that almost nothing after it garnered as much universal popularity.

?After a while it became obvious that you didn't need the new Cold Feet because we had the old one,? said Steve November, ITV's director of drama. ?The characters were still there - it's just life that's moved on. So then we started talking about how interesting it would be to catch up with those characters and see what that meant for them all.?


The Cold Feet cast in 2016. The Cold Feet cast in 2016.

The show will feature the return of favourites ?Fay Ripley, James Nesbitt, Hermione Norris, John Thomson and Robert Bathurst too. Sadly, one key character won't be making an appearance. If you don't know who, we won't spoil it, just go and watch the boxset pronto.

Speaking to The Mirror, Fay, who played Jenny Gifford in the series, confirmed that the show is scheduled to return.

"Over ten years have passed, anything could have happened. I'm hoping it's not written that I've got very thin, because that's not happened!" she said.

"I still have a relationship with John. I reckon we'll pretty much pick up where we were. We're still friends. The fondness we have for each other is probably key to that character. That's if they're still married? Who knows?"

It's set to air on ITV/UTV this spring.


Via The Guardian/The Mirror

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