Coffee May Help Fight Effects Of Alcohol

When it comes to protecting your body from the nasty effects of drinking alcohol, everyone has an opinion. Some swear by the old wives' dose of milk thistle. Converts to the modern phenomenon of juicing will tell you to throw a bunch of beets into the NutriBullet. Others claim that bacon sandwiches and Coke Zero are the only get-out-of-jail cards available to your uneasy Sunday morning soul.

However, it turns out the ultimate ingredient for fighting the damaging effects of imbibing may be coffee. That, and a touch of teetotalism helps.

The Daily Mail reports that a new study from the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund International has found that drinking coffee in moderation is associated with a decreased risk of liver cancer. Excessive drinking can lead to a higher risk for this cancer.

This study correlated 34 other studies. The data analysed comprised of 8 million cases, 24,600 of them cancer cases. One cup of coffee a day reduced the risk of liver cancer. However, the one caveat is that this behaviour had a more significant effect on men than women. Still, every little helps, so if you're a coffee lover don't fret. That morning dose of aromatic liquid sanity is helping your body fight the bad guys.


Daily Mail

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