Clooney's New Gal?

We couldn't help but notice some patterns in George Clooney's love life (no doubt because it's always on our radar). Firstly, his blessed arm candy usually tends to fall into two camps- ex-waitresses and actresses. In the first: Celine Balitran, Sarah Larson, Stacy Keibler; in the second: ex-wife Talia Balsam, Kimberley Russell, Krista Allen, Lisa Snowden, Elisabetta Canalis. Note - no A listers (unless that thing with Renee Zellwegger was for real). He's also firmly trending toward brunettes and clearly has more than a passing interest in European Union passport holders (flicker of hope).

With his keen interest in human rights and politics, his prankster sense of humour and general genius when it comes to writing, directing and producing never mind the grin, some of his former choices seemed a little, well, wanting.? Tragically, that may no longer be the case.

Enter Amal Alamuddin, the drop-dead gorgeous English barrister who's representing Julian Assange. She was Clooney's date for a private White House screening of Monuments Men and was spotted with him in London a few months ago. No doubt the Oxford grad and former UN advisor on Syria and Lebanon fit right in. Jezebel.

It's early days but our mental Venn diagram is shaping up in Alamuddin's favour so far. All we need to know now to finish it off is is she funny and did she ever waitress.





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