Chris Pratt Makes Sick Kids' Dream Come True

Last week we were gushing over Dwayne - The Rock - Johnson as he made a little girl's wish come true, helping her to pull an airplane by a rope (#ICYMI, that's right here), and this week, we're back to Chris Pratt who visited a kids hospital and reenacted scenes form Jurassic World in which they all rally together to train baby raptors which of course is an essential life skill.

Just look at him go! Weak. Our knees are weak. We've turned to jelly.

Chris Pratt kids


Making the kids' day - no scratch that, year - Chris gave back in a big way to his little fans at Our Lady of the Lake's Children's Hospital. The staff there took to their official Facebook page to share their gratitude: "Our patients were all smiles and we are so thankful to Chris for lifting their spirits by visiting and handing out?Jurassic World goodies.?

He handed out treats, played games, signed posters and made special bedside visits to those kids who were too sick to join in on the group activities.


chris pratt kids


It's always incredibly humbling to see people with this kind of star power take time out to make a difference in the lives of those who really need it. Of course this isn't the first time Chris has been honoured for his charitable efforts. Not so long ago, Pratt and fellow actor Chris Evans raised $27,000 for The Seattle Children's Hospital and Christopher Haven in Boston as part of a bet. Holding up his end of the deal, he then dressed up as Star-Lord (the Marvel character he played in the awesome Guardians of the Galaxy) and entertained the kids Christopher Haven, with nothing but a heart of gold.

It's moment like these we imagine his wife, Anna Faris, and their two year old son, want to squeeze him senseless with pride.

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