The Chicest High Street Wedding Dresses

Whether you're engaged or just browsing (hey, no shame, us too) the thought of wedding dress shopping can be equal parts thrilling and terrifying. Yes you get to go and try on lots of frothy confection and have an excuse to be as picky as you like?but on the other hand, it's a very large sum of money to spend on one dress you ?will wear for a few short hours and most likely sweat heavily in while you're busting a few moves on the dancefloor.

So rather than blow your budget on some antique lace and delicate beadwork that you have to shine a torch on to appreciate, why not invite your parents' friends, order a few extra desserts and book the band because we've got the most jaw-dropping bridal outfits in all the land - and they all come in under €500.

Don't forget to go "FULLSCREEN" to get all the links and prices and let us know you're faves!

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