Chicago Tribune Credits Olympian's Husband For Her Success

Two-time Olympic champion Corey Cogdell-Unrein - who performs trap shooting - was sourly introduced in the Chicago Tribune as ?the wife of Chicago Bears lineman Mitch Unrein?. To further undermine her'success, The Tribune also failed to mention?how this was Cogdell-Unrein's second Olympic medal, after placing third in the 2008 games in Beijing - but this was later edited.

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It appears that the journalist writing the story was unsure of whether they wanted to talk about Cogdell-Unrein and her impressive accomplishments, or her husband's tragic loss of absence from Rio to support his wife because of NFL training. The report then continued to say how team members of the Chicago Bears wore special supportive shirts at their Saturday night game, before adding how Corey Cogdell-Unrein'met her beloved on a blind date back in 2011.


Finally, The Tribune also fails to obtain a response from Cogdell-Unrein following her win?and instead opts to use commentary from her husband, and details his 'expert thoughts' on trap shooting. Even if you think you're a 'pretty proficient shooter' Mitch, your wife killed it. Not you.

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Nothing like Monday morning misogyny to get the week started, eh?

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