Cheers! Make Glendalough Poitin Punch with Orange and Cloves

This poit?n punch is the perfect pick-me-up?cocktail (with a classic Irish spirit) that everyone can make. Sure to make those holiday?nights seem magical and special...

There's nothing like a warming cocktail to help us get back in the party'spirit (pun intended) after the excitement of New Year's Eve. We love this recipe by Jette Virdi with a potent poit?n base and top notes of clove and orange peel.

* 1 measure of Glendalough Distillery poit?n
* 1 orange, peel cut into strips
* 2 cloves per serving
* 2 frozen cranberries per serving
* ginger ale

Glendalough Poitin Punch with Orange and Cloves


1 In the glass, crush the frozen cranberries slightly.
2 Tie the zest into a knot and pierce with the cloves.
3 Place into the glass, then add the poit?n and ginger ale to fill. Cheers!

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Recipes and styling?Jette Virdi ?Photography?Nathalie Marquez Courtney ?Styling assistant?Michelle Hanley

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