Charlize Theron And Sean Penn Breakup

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn have decided to end their engagement after a year and half together, various news outlets are reporting. US Weekly reports that the romance came to an end after the Cannes Film Festival a few weeks ago, after Charlize's press tour for the critical hit Mad Max had wrapped up. It seems as if Furiousa herself called the engagement off.

Penn and Theron have been together since December 2013. Before becoming a couple they were friends, and both won best acting Oscars the same year. Theron, 39, and Penn, 54, got engaged last December, and it seemed as if they were going to stick it out. Their relationship was low-profile and rarely reported upon in the tabloids. Penn was also open abut his history of failed marriages in interviews and spoke about how he felt this would be the relationship that lasted. ?I've been married under circumstances where I was less informed than I am today," he told Esquire, speaking about his unions with Madonna and House of Cards actress Robin Wright. "So I wouldn't even consider it a third marriage, I'd consider it a first marriage on its own terms if I got married again.?

Theron was previously in a long-term relationship with Irish actor Stuart Townsend. She has one adopted son, Jackson. In an interview with ELLE UK just before the split, she described Penn as"the love of my life."


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