Celeste Barber's hilarious Instagram posts are the perfect antidote to online perfection

The Australian actor and comedian is breaking up our perfect Instagram feeds with her hilarious (and relatable) recreations of celebrity posts. 

I have to admit, I often have a kind of love/hate relationship with Instagram. As much as I love seeing beautiful images, whether of people, homes, or places, it can inevitably create a pressure to conform to its perfect aesthetic.

The best way to counteract this is of course to carefully curate who you follow, and Celeste Barber is someone who makes me laugh every time she pops up on my feed. The Australian actor and comedian's #celesechallengeaccepted posts see her recreate celebrities' photos and videos, and they're always incredibly funny, while providing a helpful reminder that these idealised images are far from reality.

Here are ten of her most hilarious posts.


Kylie Jenner's extravagant Instagram is ripe for satire, and Celeste's version of the video underlines its absurdity.

Another video that raises more questions than it answers (Why would anyone get out of a car like that? Is she even allowed to park there?), Celeste's recreation has the relatable caption: "When the pub reopens".


We probably all felt the temptation in lockdown to take the scissors to our hair, and the likes of Bella Hadid cutting her own fringe didn't help matters. Celeste here reminds us of the reality of what definitely seemed like a good idea at the time.

Putting a bag on your head? It's called fashion, honey, look it up. I have to say, Celeste's bag wins for me here. Extra points for actually going out on the street in underwear and heels to take this photo.


Celeste here takes Bella Hadid's extremely large sunhat and raises her an extremely tiny sunhat.

Only Celeste could make drinking Pepsi this funny.

I'm not sure what the context is of this photo of Alessandea Ambrosio, but Celeste has recreated it pretty faithfully, except with a much funnier facial expression.


I think we all might have had a similar dance session at some point during lockdown.

Just a normal day of stretching on the windowsill.


With FKA Twigs regularly showing off her pole-dancing skills on Instagram, Celeste decided to show off her own.

Featured image: @celestebarber

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