8 celebrities to follow for light relief during the coronavirus crisis

It seems celebrities are having much more fun than we are during this crisis. Here are 8 to follow for some comedy relief 

Celebrities are like us in many ways. They too are subjected to social distancing and self-isolation but many of them have more time on their hands than you and me.

This means they are having more fun than us. Yes, you heard it. There are people in this world finding entertainment in the time of corona.

They are also trying to help us forget the moment Gal Gadot and friends showcased a disastrous and tone-deaf video of them singing 'Imagine' by John Lennon.


To be honest, I would prefer if they stuck to having fun.

Here are some of our favourites.

Courteney Cox

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The former Friends star seems to always be having more fun than us peasants but in a refreshingly non-pretentious way. Her Instagram stories during this isolation period are wholesome goodness, with her daughter frequently making appearances for musical numbers.

Steve Martin



The actor and comedian took a walk during the week and decided to take his banjo with him. We can't fault him for his promotion of exercise and music. Sometimes, I like to walk the roads playing the accordion but someone always rings the guards on me. I can't figure out why.

January Jones


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If you didn't think life could get any stranger, January Jones put the final nail in the coffin. Drinking a can of Coors Light in her latest Instagram tile, the actress wonders aloud where singer Post Malone has disappeared to. She is clearly very worried but at least she's having more fun than me.

Liam Gallagher


The former Oasis frontman is schooling us in handwashing with his new tunes 'Wonderwash', 'Champagne Soap-ernova' and 'Soap-ersonic'. Sporting a beard and a 1990s style bucket hat, the singer shows you can have fun with hygiene and wordplays.


Neil Diamond


Singer Neil Diamond has reimagined his classic 'Sweet Caroline' tune for the coronavirus crisis. Changing the words 'touching' to 'washing' and warning people not to touch. It sounds eerily like a backward sex education class.

Bella Hadid


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Unfortunately the celebrities are taking over Tik Tok. Once reserved for commoners, it is now inundated with the elite who are having lots of fun on the video app. One of these is model Bella Hadid who is thoroughly enjoying her first steps on the only social media that can provide pure joy through these testing times.

Robbie Williams

You can always count on good aul Robbie for some light relief. The singer took to Instagram live to have a corona-oke session which consisted of him dancing and fluffing the words. The social media version of a holiday to Benidorm.




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Madonna is mad, isn't she? Her "Quarantine Diaries” are as bizarre as they are amusing. We also get to see how the mind of a musical genius works. In one standout episode she sings her classic song 'Vogue 'but this time it's about fried fish.

Just throw the Grammy Award at her now, please.

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