Case Study: The Perfect Luggage For Every Type Of Traveller This Year

Are you jet-setting on a city break soon or planning an exotic getaway during the summer? If you're a frequent flyer you'll know that having the right luggage is almost as important as having your seat on the plane. But with so many different types to choose from it can be difficult to know which type is best suited for you. Here's a quick guide to get you started; whether you're a travel newbie or an experienced adventurer.

The Fail Safe Case

There are a number of fail-safe options if you're a first-time traveller/explorer. The likes of Tumi, Globe Trotter, and Samsonite are to the luggage world what Jaguars are to the car world. They're sturdy, well-built, lightweight, and you can almost always guarantee that your belongings will be safe.


Samsonite Cabin Collection Upright 55cm €181


The Off-The-Track Explorer

If you're planning a backpacking experience it's worthwhile doing your homework before you begin packing. For instance, will your bag hold enough for the time you're away? Is it functional? Is it comfortable to carry? One problem with backpacks is that they generally only open from the top meaning access to all of your things can be limited - unless, of course, you're a very clever packer.?Cotopaxi is an American company that specialises in outdoor activities and travel, and they're beginning to crop up on our radar. Apart from being a fair trade and environmentally responsible company, their bags seem sturdy, durable, and they've a big selection of bags to choose from; whether you're going for 6 days or 6 months. Similarly, Osprey?are perhaps more widely recognised this side of the Atlantic as being expert backpackers.


Cotopaxi Taboche 55L backpack €222

The Luxury Traveller

For those of you not ready to make the move from hotel to a?tent?and who like to travel in style, you're in luck because the luxury luggage market is booming. And when you're willing to pay top dollar to gently cart your things around the world is your oyster.. no pun intended. From?Swarovski adorned handles, alloy wheels (yes, wheely), to simple monograms. The current most expensive luggage set available is the?Louis Vuitton Leather Luggage Set at €57,262, and the Bottega Veneta Soft Alligator Nero Briefcase set coming in second at €50,868. Alternatively, this leather-trimmed coated-canvas weekend bag by Gucci works well, and at €1,492, it's a whole lot more achievable.



Gucci?leather-trimmed coated-canvas weekend bag


The Occasional Traveller

You're not quite a beginner but not yet an expert. You go on one big holiday a year with the family and a few city breaks in between to break up the monotony - sound familiar? You need something that's reliable, timeless and something that can go from weekend on-the-go to two weeks away in the sun. Midsize and larger cases are better for these type of trips, and American Tourister offers just that with prices starting from €122.


American Tourister 66cm medium spinner suitcase €122

Things to consider before buying your luggage


Do I need a hard case or soft case?

Price points for both soft and hard shell luggage can vary greatly, so it's important to identify your needs before'splashing out on something that might not suit you. If you're planning on investing in a piece of luggage, bring an experienced traveller with you who can advise you.

How many wheels do you need?

The humble wheel has revolutionised how we lug our lives around on holidays. Two wheels are best for pulling, while four-wheeled?cases (also known as spinners) are best for pushing. Spinners are upright and more manoeuvrable and are handy for a quick city break or a long-haul adventure.

All that's left is to pack and enjoy your trip! Now, has anyone seen my passport?

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