5 Hacks To Help You With Your Job Hunt

The Grow Your Career Series recently covered the Interview Process your CV and Cover Letter. But for all your efforts to count you need to know the right places to look to find 'the one job you've been searching for.' But one of the most frustrating parts of finding a new job is often figuring out where they are advertised. Fear, not these five non-traditional job hunt hacks, from A Career to Love, will help you on the road to the job of your dreams.

Get a Business Card & Network

Business cards are for everyone, not just high-end execs and the self-employed. So, if hunting for a new job you need to invest. Choose a simple card with your contact and professional details on one side and a beautiful picture or inspirational quote on the other. Then get networking. Exchange business cards, follow up with an email and connect through social media. In the follow-up say, you want to change roles, and should anything comes up in her company or wider professional circle, you would appreciate it if they could let you know.

Contact Business Groups & Chambers

Very close to networking but also very different contact active local networking groups or chambers. Find out who chairs your local Chamber, or BNI, Network Ireland or WIBN. Make contact with the person running the group. Ask if they could pass on your CV to their members or to affiliate companies who are recruiting or if they would let people know at the next meeting about your job hunt. Don't be shy people love to help others.


Use #jobfairy or #allaboutjobs

Search #jobfairy and #allaboutjobs, across social media to find lists of roles advertised at all levels across all sectors in Ireland and beyond. Admittedly, you must read roles you have no interest in, but small, medium and large companies advertise jobs here that are not advertised elsewhere.

Industry Specific Sites & Newsletters can be helpful

Okay, so newsletters pack your inbox but by selectively signing up to industry leaders newsletters you are in with a chance to find a round up of the jobs in that area. Take Martyn Rosney, a PR professional, who rounds-up all the PR, Comms, Advertising & Marketing roles he is aware. Other sectors are catered for by professional bodies, so Engineers check out Engineers Ireland, Chartered Accountants keep an eye on Chartered Accountants Ireland, for the voluntary and non-profit sectors go to Activelink, while Film Base will keep you up to date with film and media roles. While GirlCrew Careers Facebook page has daily posts from members aware of roles in companies they are working in.

Use LinkedIn

We all know LinkedIn is one of the best places for making professional connections. A little know fact is that the major international companies, alongside many other employers, advertise current positions on this social media platform. Along the top of your profile page check the tab on ?Jobs.' With the option to ?Discover,' ?My Jobs? or to narrow your search in the ?Preferences? tab you can personalise your job search. ?Preferences? makes it possible to narrow your search by geographic location, desired industry, company size, and range of experience. Once you have this done LinkedIn automatically filters jobs, narrow your search to roles you are genuinely interested in and notify you when suitable roles become available for you.

By Sinead Brady



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