Amanda Knox Thriller Starring Cara Delevingne

Proving that there's more to Cara Delevingne than a fierce runway presence and killer brows, it seems she really is turning her hand to this whole acting thing. Does she have what it takes to go the distance? Well, choosing interesting psychological thrillers such as the one she's now starring in, the Amanda Knox movie, as opposed to Rihanna's Battleship efforts, for example, should keep Miss D on the right side of Hollywood. Word on the street says this movie will not only be Cara's debut role, but an impressive breakout one too. As for RiRi, well she's best off sticking to the day job.

This movie is loosely inspired by the Amanda Knox case, and in it, Cara stars as Melanie, the student tour guide to Kate Beckinsale and Daniel Bruhl's (who we've got the hots for) reporter/filmmaker duo as they set out to cash in on the murder of a British student - Meredith Kercher - in Siena back in 2007.

The Face of an Angel
, directed by Michael Winterbottom hits cinemas on March 27th. Check out the trailer right here.




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