Cancel Your Plans. Dublin Cocktail Festival Is Almost Here

Mad for a?Mai Tai or hankering after the perfect Long Island Iced Tea? Well your new favourite weekend of the year will'soon be upon us as the Dublin Cocktail Festival takes place from October 12th to 17th. Following on from their hugely successful Gin & Tonic Festival last June, ?next month's festivities celebrates all kinds of Irish-made liqueurs and spirits. Last year may have been all about the craft beers in Ireland, but this is?finally something the ladies can jump on board with!


The festival will take place across thirty venues in the city, including Soder + Ko, The Meeting House, Balfes, The Exchequer, Peruke & Periwig and many more, with custom-made cocktails that have an Irish twist. Each spot has been challenged to create their own signature cocktail and it must feature?an Irish liqueur or spirit as the primary ingredient. A Dublin Cocktail Festival wristband, available at all the venues (and only a fiver), gets you 30% off every one of these custom-designed drinks?and have teamed up to offer online vouchers for food pairings and special cocktail rates.


An excuse to check out some of the coolest bars in Dublin, drink delicious cocktails and support Irish-made produce at the same time??We never thought we'd say this but roll on October!


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