Can You Guess Which Dating Sites Are Made Up?

Some dating sites are exceptionally niche. Can you work out which of the following might actually help you find your match, and which are completely made up?

1. Online dating for beautiful people only!
2. A matchmaking service for women in prison.
3. Dating for the aesthetically average.
4. Find love with fellow shoplifters.
5. Meet the former reality show star of your dreams.
6. For people who are already part of a couple but believe themselves to be significantly hotter than their spouse or partner.
7. For clowns and the men and women who love them.
8. A site especially for people who live in bungalows for medical reasons.
9. Cupidtino A dating app dedicated to fans of Apple products.
10. A site for people with compatible allergies.
11. A way to connect with singles from the gothic and emo communities.
12. Where fans of America's most famous sisters can connect.
13. Meet other honeys who love hummus as much as you do.
14. Find your first mate.
15. Auction yourself off to the highest bidder! It's sexy and not weird!
16. Get agricultural or get out.
17. Meet your dead ghost love from olden days.
18. For people who really, really, really like shoes.
19. If you struggle to choose between your partner or your puppy, this is for you.
20. For daters who are keen to meet other fans of Ayn Rand.

Extracted from Meeting Your Match: Navigating the Minefield of Online Dating by Daisy Buchanan (Carlton Books, approx €16), out now.



The dating sites in 4, 5, 8, 12, 13 and 17 are made up. The rest exist. This is all the proof you need that it doesn't matter how niche or novel your interests are. There isn't just one person out there for you; there are enough to power a whole separate internet server. In fact, the only people you might struggle to meet are the ones with severe technophobia. And chances are that will be up and running within a year or two. As for the rest, if there isn't a dedicated Kardashian dating site soon, those ladies are not as committed to capitalism as I previously believed.

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