Can You Cope With Chris Hemsworth And His Blonde Babies? Because We Can't

Time for your midweek dose of impossible cuteness. Ogling photos of Chris Hemsworth is enough to make our day, whether he's dressed up on set as Thor or popping out for milk and bread on his down days, but give us an image of him cradling his twin boys, all three of them perfectly blonde and so full of love and affection you might actually BURST? Well this just may be too cute to handle.

Hemsworth's wife Elsa Pataky took to her own Instagram page to mark the twin boys' 2nd birthday with an incredibly emotional post. If this doesn't stop you in your tracks and make you weep uncontrollably perhaps you should check your pulse.

She wrote under the image: "Happy birthday my little boys, there's nothing that makes me happier in life, than being a mum and watch you growing up everyday! #mum #boysbirthday #bestlove #party #already2 #loveyou"

Judging by the comments under her post, the adorableness here was just too much to handle for some, with one person commenting 'are you trying to kill me?'


So perhaps if you're feeling fragile, this post may just have ruined your day. We're sorry.

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