Calvin Harris' Makeover is Glorious

Jesus Christ. Have you seen Calvin Harris? underwear campaign for Emporio Armani? Look up, and just keep looking.

Here are some facts about Calvin Harris:

The 31-year-old is the highest paid DJ in the world.

The end of his relationship with Rita Ora was possibly the most dramatic break-up of 2014. He prevented the 24-year-old from performing the hit song they wrote together, I Will Never Let You Down, at the Teen Choice Awards last summer as he owns the rights. He tweeted at the time, ?But just know I had a damn good reason.? Ora's album production has since been seriously delayed after Harris pulled the songs he had written for her.

calvin harris


Aside: If you've been living happily under a rock, Ora is a singer, a brand ambassador for the entire High Street and an actress in the film Fifty Shades of Grey. (You didn't even have to blink to miss her.)

He has a house in Beverly Hills.

Calvin was announced as a model for Emporio Armani in December and is fronting the Spring Summer underwear range. Giorgio Armani himself is delighted with the partnership, describing Harris as ?a truly cosmopolitan, dynamic young man who is capable of attracting the masses with his music and energy. He isn't a model by nature, and this creates a more sincere and engaging bond with the public.'? That's a lot of words to basically say ?Calvin Harris is FINE.?

Another aside: The shots were taken by Boo George, the Irish photographer who shot that amazing Armani campaign on Dollymount strand last year.

And Calvin used to look like this.

calvin harris

This writer is very proud to say she always fancied Calvin Harris. Even back in 2007 when he was fresh out of Dumfries, in the charts with that song about the 1980s. It's like our ovaries knew.


The Daily Mail investigated the DJ's transformation last December and apparently it is all down to LA living and ditching the dye for his natural blonde.

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