Buying a House?

Bad news for that old bastard we've come to know as the recession but good news for the economy: the property market is slowly but surely rising like a phoenix from the ashes of that once roaring Celtic Tiger. While this is all positive as far as the country's recovery is concerned, for first time buyers, this means higher values on houses they could have gotten at a fraction of the cost back in the dark days.

Now, according to a new report released by (the brains behind our favourite house-hunting app), the average house price has risen for the first time since 2011, well beyond the €200,000 mark. Prices here in the capital have risen 2.9% since the end of last year, while down in the rebel county, house prices have shot up over 7.2%!

If it's a massive gaff that you're after, but you just can't bare to part with hundreds of thousands, it's Leitrim where you ought to be headed; a three bed chateau there will set you back only €55,000. That's as much as a new car might cost you.

Considering stepping a foot on the property ladder? All the statistics are mapped out in their infographic below.


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