Bunny Yoga Is The Latest Adorable Fitness Trend We Want To Try

If you're lacking motivation to go to the gym, would attending a yoga class with an adorable bunny rabbit help put a pep in your step?

A yoga studio in Richmond in British Columbia, Canada, has paired the zen qualities of yoga with the cosy cuteness of bunny rabbits in their latest class, and raised money for charity while doing so.

The idea came about when board member Janet Keating of charity Bandaids for Bunnies, who is also a regular at the studio, Sunberry Fitness, joked about it with owner Julia Zu. As well as being adorable, there's a legitimate reason members decided to bring a bunny along - the?city is in the midst of a rabbit overpopulation crisis so members ares holding the classes to raise money for an abandoned rabbit charity to house the fluffy creatures.

According to Buzzfeed, pet rabbits in the city are abandoned in streets and parks across the city, and as former house-pets, the creatures are unable to survive alone.

Holding their first classes in November 2015 and January 2016, the women hoped that classes would encourage people to adopt rescued rabbits and to raise awareness of the problems the creatures face in Richmond.


"[The bunnies] made a lot of friends and we got a lot of interest in adoptions and fosters," said Keating.?"We take rabbits that we know are going to be a good experience for the class."

Gym owner Julia Zu told?Buzzfeed News that the rabbits lingered by their cages at first, but soon become brave enough to explore the room.

"They like to choose their human. You'll have two or three girls in the room and the bunnies really like their mats," she said. "Class members who can't adopt pets because of rent rules also enjoy the experience." Though those in the classes had to amend their poses to avoid bunny clashes.

After holding two classes, the charity has raised over $1,000.?The gym hopes to advertise another class for Eastertime.

Won't someone please make it happen here?

Via Buzzfeed


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