We overcame our scepticism and tried the butter-coffee trend

It's been the fad du moment for the past week or more, turning itself into a divisive drink. TIME to put the the cool back into butter, and Bulletproof Coffee put it into a cup of joe. The benefits, if you missed the latest news bulletin, are as follows...

- it's a healthy way of getting good fats into you first thing in the morning (if made with grass-fed unsalted butter)

- supposedly improves weight loss by kickstarting your system

- it supposedly kills cravings because of the extra calories


- focuses the mind and prolongs the effects of caffeine for up to two or three hours

- the use of good butter can help to reduce cholesterol

- it's healthier than using cream


- it adds 200 to 300 calories to your cuppa

We were a little on the fence so we asked our go-to health guru, John Belton, of personal-training centre No 17, what his thoughts were. ?I first tried Bulletproof Coffee in 2010 when I was in California. I loved it straight away! Americans now call Kerrygold Butter ?little blocks of gold?, they love it so much. So, I'm happy to see an Irish product getting some exposure. I love Bulletproof Coffee, and I recommend it to my clients pre workout. I don't think it's got any dramatic weight-loss benefits though. And I do much prefer it to any over-the-counter 'skinny latte? - it's a much better option." Still, we weren't convinced. So we tried it for ourselves.

THE VERDICT: Somehow it manages to taste even stronger than black coffee. It isn't greasy but you do get a weird aftertaste, something like burnt popcorn, after drinking it. Not our of cup of tea at all really...


If you're still interested, see here for the health benefits of Bulletproof Coffee.

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