Budget Wedding Favours


Wedding favours tend to be pretty far down the list of priorities in the run up to I do. This doesn't mean that you should neglect thanking friends and family for putting up with your lengthy wedding planning conversations, especially if they are going to gift you with something nice to mark your wedded bliss. You don't have to be extravagant; a simple homemade thought is perfect to show your love and appreciation of those sharing your special day. After all, it's more important to invest in kindness than in some piece of wedding frivolity; Elvis impersonator anyone?

If you don't want to - or simply can't - spend an arm and a leg on favours, then why not spend a morning getting crafty for your guests. The thought and effort will mean the world to your great-aunt Mildred, if no one else, (she was always a supporter of your art and craft endeavors). Baking is an enjoyable way to work around a budget. Biscuits are always appreciated, whatever the occasion and wedding party favours are no exception. Raid your pantry for the makings of shortbread squares and enlist your creative friend (we all have at least one) to come up with some fancy fondant decoration to finish them off. If you're more Monty Don than Mary Berry, pick up some sweet succulents to gift your guests with, so that they can bring the love home and watch it grow.



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Zara Hedderman is Editorial Assistant at BASH

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