Bruce Jenner's Transgender Support

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Bruce Jenner, father to Kendall and Kylie, separated husband of Kris, is having a pretty rough time of it in the media lately. Following In Touch's nasty piece of work in which they depicted him as a woman (photoshopping his head on top of Stephanie Beacham's body, adding in blusher, lipstick and several other outlandish feminine touches), as well as misleading readers that they had interviewed him about 'his life as a woman' when they had not, Bruce has been on the receiving end of much speculation about his transgender journey. How's that for encouraging transphobia? We've chosen not to share the image again here, for obvious reasons.

Lucky for Bruce, he's surrounded by a bunch of strong women, well used to dealing with nasty press. Khloe Kardashian took to her instagram profile to share a photo of Bruce and his girls as a symbol of their unyielding support for the man who raised them. This won't break them. And while we admittedly poke fun at this reality TV family from time to time, they deserve major props for wrapping their arms around their father at a time like this. Yes, we're used to seeing them in all sorts of scenarios, even in furry bikinis, but these are real people. Bruce is a real person, and whether he chooses to identify as a man or woman, that's entirely his prerogative.

Family 💙💙💙

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Understandably, Bruce is refusing to comment on this subject, with plans to broach it on the forthcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. While the producers are all about those dramatic moments, and increasing ratings, we do hope they handle this issue with care.

With the growing support for Bruce's story (except from you, In Touch), and characters like Laverne Cox representing transgender people in the most positive of ways on Orange is the New Black, may the world become a more welcoming and understanding place for those who face the same experience.


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