Bruce Jenner To Grace Cover of Vanity Fair As Woman

It's been an emotional number of months for Bruce Jenner. Bruce recently revealed that he was undergoing a transgender process to become a woman. Not the easiest thing to do when you've been a member of the Kardashian/Jenner household and scrutinised by millions.

For those wanting to see ?Her? as the former Olympian has christened his new self, you may soon get the chance. People Magazine reported this morning that Bruce is planning to grace the July cover of Vanity Fair as a woman.

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Jenner has appeared on many a magazine cover in his time, but this will be a huge moment for him, as he will reveal what he calls his ?true self? to the world. The cover makes sense a Jenner previously said he had planned to ?fully transition? by the spring. We've no doubt this has also been perfectly planned as E! will air a documentary detailing Jenner's transgender process and how it has affected those closest to him. This is set to air in the US on July 26th.

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Sources say that Jenner will be shot by iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz for the spread, but not much else is known about the cover as of yet.? We've a feeling it's going to be a landmark moment for Bruce.

Since giving his emotional, heartfelt interview to Diane Sawyer detailing his transgender journey recently, he has been hailed as one to champion transgender rights in a positive way. You go, Bruce. Kim K, her siblings and many of their celebrity friends have also come out to publically support Jenner.

We're very curious to get a glimpse of this cover. What will Jenner wear? How will he style is hair and makeup? All will be revealed soon.



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