Britain would reverse Brexit if they had another vote, according to poll

A new Channel 4 survey, the biggest conducted in Britain since the Brexit vote, has found that people would vote differently if there was another referendum - but only by a small percentage.

Channel 4 asked 20,000 people about their attitudes towards the UK leaving the European Union, and found that 54% of people would vote Remain, compared to the 48% that voted to stay in 2016. This equates to 105 local authorities swinging from Leave to Remain.

The survey showed that, similar to the 2016 vote, Scotland and Northern Ireland would vote to Remain in the EU, while much of England, apart from some major cities in the south like London, would vote to Leave.


The survey results were revealed in a TV special on Channel 4 last night, which had politicians and political experts discussing the implications of Brexit on Britain. Other interesting results of the survey included:

  • 45% of people think that Brexit will have a positive impact on immigration (24% of people think it will have a negative impact, while 31% believe it will make no difference).
  • Only 18% of people think that Brexit will have a positive impact on their household finances.
  • 63% of people think that Britain should allow UK and EU citizens to live and work freely in each other’s countries in order to secure a deal with Brussels.
  • 62% of people think Britain should not limit their ability to make trade deals with countries outside of the EU in order to reach a deal with Brussels.

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