Brilliant Photo Trick Makes These Dogs Look Like Giants

Who doesn't love pictures of cute dogs? Here at IMAGE, we know most of you love cute, happy pictures of pooches, and as a Sunday treat, we've found a few snaps of more adorable dogs that have been magically transformed into giants who take over the pictures, thanks to a nifty optical illusion trick. Result: fantastic giant-dog pictures.

A post on animal interest website The Dodo shared the mind-bending images that feature mutts in clever positions, making them look larger than their owners. The examples of forced perspective photography produced some mind-boggling snaps, which we think look just brilliant. We've included our favourites in the gallery above.

With this seriously creative camera work, the photographers have been able to make the human eyes?believe their beloved pooches appear enormous. Don't they look gorgeous? Though if dogs actually were this large, taking them for walks would be a serious nightmare. This trick of optical illusion is said to be easy to create, and has been doing the rounds in Hollywood for years, making pint-sized stars appear bigger than they actually are. The photos only recently appeared online, and have gone viral, as who doesn't like looking at snaps of fluffy gigantic dogs? Well, if you prefer cats you might not, but these should bring a little bit of extra happiness to all dog-lovers.


Happy viewing and happy Sunday.

Pictures via The Dodo

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