These brilliantly horrifying 'rejection' Twitter stories will make you feel better

Love life in shreds? Is dating a living nightmare? Perhaps that's a little OTT, but also: truth. Modern dating is no fairytale; to find a match, a swipe you genuinely click with (no pun intended), takes work. It's a numbers game and a case of right person, right time.

But, as social media frequently reminds us, you have to deal with some serious blows before you find even a possible contender for The One.

So, exactly how crushing are these blows? Well, a viral Twitter is here to both frighten and horrify you in equal measure as users recount their most soul-crushing rejections, all taken in the name of love.

Some are truly gutting:


Some are so ludicrous it's hard to believe they actually happened:


Dousing the flame of desire with direct comparisons to family members? Yep, it happens:

Sometimes, it's not all about romantic relationships either:


Classic evasion techniques also sting:

Unrequited love is never fun tbh:


But sometimes, you know closure helps:

There's a thread of hundreds of replies if you need a horrifying pick-me-up or should you want to weep in solidarity.

Main photograph: Unsplash

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