Bride Seeks Brand Sponsorship for Wedding

Would you brand your wedding with logos and mentions of corporate giants if it meant not having to pay a penny for the wedding of your dream?

That's exactly what an American couple who're gearing up to set off to Thailand in December to tie the knot. While they've got big plans for their big day, one thing they're not doing is the traditional pre-wedding save required to pay for everything from the dress to the table settings to the evening's entertainment and everything in between.

It's certainly an interesting idea, and very clever if you're really watching your pennies, but isn't it just ever so slightly tacky? Yes, we're putting that mildly.

Whether big brands will want to get on board, however, is another story. Perhaps if it was Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux looking to earn a few bob with their nuptials, they'd jump at the chance, but what can the potential reach be for a couple who are only known to their nearest and dearest?

You're probably imagining a subtle mention here and there on the ceremony programme or on the guest invites but no,?Courtney McKenzie and her fianc? Jamil?are willing to have logos imprinted on the wedding dress, the groom's tux and they're even prepared to have it emblazoned the elephant they'll be setting off on after the ceremony. Does the elephant get a say?

Well aware of the powers of social media, this couple have really thought things through, totting up their combined social media value and even throwing in the charity angle (they plan to donate 'a percentage' of money to a good cause). Via their website they tempt potential brands by saying:??We will be hashtagging, tweeting and instagramming our way through Thailand to our over 30,000 combined social media followers and we want to include some of our favorite brands on our adventure.


?Sponsor Our Wedding sponsorships provide a channel to boost your corporate brand and include your company as an active participant in our ?Wedding With A Cause.?

No surprises to hear that McKenzie is an entrepreneurial and digital media consultant.?They made their business-come-wedding plans known on Facebook earlier this month, garnering more than 41,000 ?likes?.

In fairness, that's impressive! So let's have your take; is this the tackiest thing since diamant? encrusted corsets or is it really quite genius?

Caroline Foran @CarolineForan

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