Bride Prep: Top Body Treatments


WHAT IS IT CoolSculpting, a non-invasive treatment that, quite literally, freezes
the fat away - up to about 40 per cent - from problem areas, with absolutely no downtime.

HOW DOES IT WORK A device, a bit like a high-tech hoover, is applied to the skin's surface, which sucks up a satisfying chunk of one's lardy bits, and then chills the area to a temperature at which fat cells wither. It's not painful, just time consuming (bring your iPad). Once the area treated has been ?frozen,? 20-40 per cent of the cells die. Results aren't instant, but over 30-60 days, my new shape started to take form. CoolSculpting works on its own, or can be combined with Endermologie (a further, non-invasive body treatment similar to massage) to smooth out the silhouette. CoolSculpting is FDA-approved.

RESULTS A few weeks after my first treatment, I could see noticeable changes, but a month after my second treatment, I had significant results. There was very little dimpling on my skin, it felt smoother, and I lost over two inches from my hips and finally fitted into those skinny jeans.

DETAILS From €840 per area; packages for more than one area and multiple sessions available. Consultations are free with a River Medical nurse. Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Co Kildare;

WHAT IS IT Cellulite Buster is a slimming treatment for cellulite reduction, lymphatic drainage, reduction of water retention and for body contouring.

HOW DOES IT WORK The body is cocooned in heavy-duty plastic wraps, which deliver four simultaneous impacts of bipolar radiofrequency wave, infrared light energy, plus vacuum and mechanical massage. The heat of the radio frequency and energy from the infrared break down fat cells, pushing oxygen diffusion into all that fat tissue.

RESULTS The vacuum and roller massage smooth skin's appearance, enforcing cell metabolism and cellulite break down.

DETAILS Each session takes between 30 minutes to two hours, and a series of three to five sessions is recommended. There's no downtime, although there can be bruising on treated areas. From €60 per hour by Alina Ungureanu at Prestige Beauty Shop Lucan, Co Dublin; 083 471 8818.


WHAT IS IT A quick and easy add-on treatment to a mani or pedi that softens hard skin. In addition to making hands feel softer and smoother, it can increase blood flow and relax the muscles.

HOW DOES IT WORK The hand or foot - up to the forearm or mid-calf - is dipped around five times to coat the area and wrapped in heated towels or electric mitts/socks for approximately 20 minutes before the wax easily peels off. A speedy treatment that makes a whole world of difference.

RESULTS Adding a paraffin dip to your mani or pedi has myriad benefits; not only does it make hands and feet feel softer and rejuvenated, but the heat involved can increase blood flow and relax the muscles - especially beneficial for easing the pain of arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Paraffin can soften hard skin (great for runners) and can ease conditions such as tendonitis sprains and pulled muscles.

DETAILS €10 add-on to any treatment at Fifth Avenue, 24A Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, 01 679 8783,; and 51 Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork, 021 427 8827,

WHAT IS IT Well known as a facial rejuvenating system, CACI (computer aided cosmetology instrument) is a powerful treatment that uses electric micro- currents to stimulate muscle contraction and thus firm, shape and lift the skin.

HOW DOES IT WORK The CACI machine is equipped with little pads or electro- conductive wands that are applied to
the face and then cause short, repetitive spasms. CACI works effectively for the body too, delivering micro-current energy along with a combination of faradic and galvanic slimming and toning applications to tighten and tone sagging muscles.

RESULTS It works well when combined with regular exercise. Best when booked as part of a series of sessions at least twice per week; there's a great CACI cheat for big nights out - a ten-minute booster treatment that will temporarily lift the bust or gluteal (bum) muscles for a more youthful appearance.

DETAILS Ten sessions, €315 at Elysian Therapy, 1st Floor, The Mart, Leopardstown Road, Dublin 18, 01 289 4422; MM


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