Bridal Lingerie For The Honey Moon Suite

The main event has come to a close, you are officially a married woman. You and your HUSBAND (madness, we know) will now enter the 'honeymoon' phase of your lives. This will undoubtedly include a lot of alone time...Be sure you are fully prepared with some sexy bridal lingerie to make his heart flutter. Here are some of our favourite lingerie looks that are guaranteed to make you feel sexy and gorgeous!

All Black Everything

Nothing is sexier than black lace, whether it be a dress or a gorgeous bra and undies! Guaranteed gorgeous!


White Wonders

Maintaining the bridal tradition, consider a feminine white lingerie set for your apr's nuptials, you won't regret it!

Romantic Rouge

Red is the colour of loooove, so working it in a red set makes perfect sense!


Cute Comfort

Major fans of this little duo! Such a cool, 90s trend that combines comfort with a hint of sass!

Bridal Lingerie Tommy Hilfiger Iconic Lingerie Set from €56.34

Pretty in Pink

They say 'pink to make the boys wink' for very good reason. This set is so playful, and perfect for a sexy night in with your beau!


All That Body

Ah the bodysuit, we appreciate that this bridal lingerie trend is not for everyone. However, we have to admit, it is ridiculously sultry (and hard to resist from a man's point of view).

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