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There are certain beauty experts whom we always have in our speed dial. Joe Hayes is one of them. Joe has coiffed hair for many an IMAGE BRIDES (nee BASH) shoot and always achieves just the aesthetic we'd been dreaming of? with that?little extra touch of finesse that we hadn't. We asked Joe three burning bridal hair questions and got his insider's guide to the looks he created for our current issue...

What are the key trends you're seeing in bridal hair??The aesthetic this year is romantic and effortless, which is a continuation of the dominant trend in bridal hair and makeup, over the past few years. The key is to keep the hair and makeup relaxed, pretty and young. Hair, ideally, should look slightly undone - still groomed, but never overworked. Think Emma Stone.

What's the biggest mistake a bride can make with her hair??It would have to be a desire to look hugely different to how she does every day. If you never, ever wear your hair up, don't scrape it back into a bun. The ideal is to look like a better, fresher, more groomed version of yourself. The best trick is to keep the edges soft, whether you're wearing it up or down. Soft tendrils framing your face are always flattering and scream youth, which is what everyone wants. Pulling hair back tightly away from the face is never going to flatter anyone so I suggest staying away from that.

What's your top tip??To look like the best version of yourself, think of it as a long game. As soon as you get engaged let your regular hairdresser know, so they can factor it into your shape and colour choices. This way you won't end up with a fringe you can't grow out or some bright highlights that can't be toned down in time. Also focus on the condition of your hair. Take fish oils and zinc, which will help hair and skin condition. Use regular treatments and heat protection and lay off the straighteners for a while. When it comes to wedding hair, trust your stylist but don't be afraid to give them good direction. Pictures, moodboards and bridal magazines all help hugely to ensure you and your stylist both have the same idea in mind.


This look is a modern twist on a chignon, the perennial wedding hair staple. We've updated it by softly rolling the hair back on either side and then rolling it into a low chignon, this would suit girls who want hair out of their way but also want it loose and relaxed. It's a great style for Bob lengths, as the roll twists the short bits away.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 16.20.59 THE RE-RIBBONED BRAID

This look is fantastic for the more individual bride. I've used a rope plait to softly pull all of the hair up; then, I pulled the ribbon through. This is a great alternative to a veil or fresh flowers. The key to this look is to keep it relaxed, nothing should look too perfect or controlled.


This softly flowing up style is suitable for most brides and dress styles. The soft curls flowing around the face keep it young and undone. This should look thrown up but feel secure, so you might need a couple of trials with your stylist to figure out how to make your hair hold.


Hair accessories have been so popular in the last few years. This headpiece and hair look is perfect for bohemian and vintage brides. Place the headpiece into the style and work the hair around it, keeping the loose hairs flowing to give it a lived in feel.


Vintage-inspired waves have been a huge hair trend for the last few years and show no signs of going away. I love this look on mid-length styles. This look works best on thicker wavy hair, as it will hold the wave for the whole day. To keep it modern, make sure waves are brushed out to look soft, rather than costume-like.


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