Going through a breakup? We've the perfect playlist for you

There are a lot of things women hear after they go through a breakup, but sometimes words are not enough.

Sometimes all it will take to get you feeling even semi-human is a fiesty backdrop of hard-hitting beats and emotive melodies, performed by women who understand your scorn and sorrow.

Thankfully our latest playlist has all of that, and more. In it you'll be reminded of your ex’s infuriating vanity by Carly Simon, whilst TLC asserts that you never wanted “no scrubs” in the first place. And then you can finish it all off by siding with The Corrs' realisation "I never really loved you anywaaaa-ay".

So bring forth the ice cream! Crack open the wine! And let this playlist verbalise all the wide-ranging emotions that you never even knew you were experiencing.

The Feisty Female Breakup Playlist


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