Breakfast and Giggles

Our Networking Breakfast at The Marker Hotel on Tuesday was a roaring success. After amazing attendance and feedback, and after a splash of trending on Twitter, we can say that it far exceeded our already high expectations. Hard as it is to gather a group of busy ladies into a hotel at half seven in the morning, from the energy in the room you would never have thought it. Speakers and listeners alike were on top of their game and there was a near giddiness in the room! This was with no small help from our inspirational and (particularly on this occasion) hilarious speakers Mary Ann O'Brien of Lily O'Brien's chocolates, Sophie Morris of Kooky Dough, and communications guru, Terry Prone. Here are some of our favourite quotes from Tuesday ?

?Having to re-build my business is one of the best things that's happened to me.? - Mary Ann O'Brien

?I am a big risk taker.? - Mary Ann O'Brien.

?Trust your vision, don't listen to other people.? - Sophie Morris, on skeptics.

?Seize every opportunity that comes your way.? - Sophie Morris.


?I got 580 in? my Leaving, I was a Trinity Scholar, people thought I was going to get into investment banking. They couldn't understand what I was doing getting into cookie dough.? - Sophie Morris

?Don't use powerpoint!? ? Terry Prone

?Surround yourself with optimistic people.? ? Terry Prone

?Don't hire gobshites! The worst gobshites are Deadcatters.? - Terry Prone.

?So Durex gave me about 500 condoms. Which greatly over-estimated my capacity for...? - more Terry Prone.

Thank you all who attended and we look forward to seeing you at the next event.



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