Brain Scan Study Proves Mothers And Daughters Are Basically The Same People

The relationship between mother and daughter is one of the strongest bonds out there, and a new study has just come along to further strengthen this hypothesis. In fact, a piece of research, which was published in The Journal of Neuroscience, has found that mothers pass certain traits down to their daughters far more readily than to their sons.

The study looked at the MRI scans of people from 35 families with children aged between 5 to 13 years. 30 mothers, 29 fathers, 19 daughters, and 20 sons formed part of the study. The parents were asked about their children's behaviour, such as their social skills, anxiety levels and tendency towards aggression and depression.

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Researchers observed that women were the most likely to understand the emotions of their mothers. It was the same when the relationships were reversed - mothers found it easier to relate to their daughters. In fact, the study found that mothers and daughters tend to process emotions in a very similar way. Natural grouch? Blame your moody mam. Miss Congeniality? You may have inherited that sunny disposition.

The association was nowhere near as strong when it came to sons and mothers or fathers and their children.


The study didn't look at genes, just similar brain circuitry which developed over time. Something that's bound to happen in a shared environment. However, the mother-daughter link is very interesting...

Next time you find yourself buying barmbrack for guests and only buying sensible rain jackets, don't bemoan the fact you're turning into your mother. Just blame your brain circuits.

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