Boozy Melon Wedges & Lovely Ice Lollies

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It's Wednesday! Celebrate hump day and your impending downtime by preparing deliciously decadent treats - strictly for adults only?

Boozy watermelon wedges

The bigger the watermelon, the more time you should allow for the alcohol to infuse. If you start now, this should be ready just in time for the weekend?

* 1 watermelon (make sure that it fits in your fridge) * a funnel * spirit of choice

1 With a small, sharp knife, cut a small hole in the side of the melon (retain plug in case you need to transport it), then gently but firmly push the funnel into the hole. 2 Over the course of a few (2-3) days, ?feed? the melon with the alcohol of your choice (rum, vodka, or tequila are all good options). 3 Remove from fridge and cut into wedges. This looks fabulous on a big tray or platter - though be sure to warn your guests that it's alcohol-laced!


Above: Watermelon wedges infused with?your choice of booze

Frozen fruit lollies

With these lollies, you can let your imagination take over, using any flavour of fruit juice or smoothie and adding whole berries and chopped-up pieces of fruit. We used clarified water to keep them looking crystal clear.

* 6 x 100ml ice-lolly moulds * 6 lollipop sticks * about 50g seasonal fruit * clarified water * elderflower or fruit cordial, to taste

METHOD 1 Flavour your water with elderflower cordial to taste. 2 Put some of your fruit into the bottom of the moulds and half fill with flavoured water. 3 Place in the freezer for one hour. 4 Remove from freezer and top up with the remainder of the fruit and flavoured water. 5 Put in your lollipop sticks, hold in place with tape. Return to freezer.

Tip: Clarifying your water will give you fabulously clear ice. Boil and allow to cool twice to achieve a clear effect.


Recipes Lesley Tumulty. Photography Mark Scott. Styling Marlene Wessels.

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