Boots No7 Supper Gathers Leading Irish Women In Media

Last night No7 hosted a very special gathering of Ireland's most influential women across media, fashion, business and entertainment at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud to celebrate a truly significant industry first beauty claim.

Gillian Hennessy from Boots welcomed us all and told us how the No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Serum has now been clinically proven to deliver anti-aging results that get better over time. This is something that brands have prevsiouslt been unable to claim.

No7 used a test panel to trial the serum over a period of a full year with one lady claiming that her crow's feet looked a full eight years younger after that time!

Following a champagne reception, we were treated to a sumptuous four course meal in the restaurant's private room and guests chatted about their skin and anti-aging concerns as well a myriad of other topics. The room grew most lively after a while as we met the lovely Orla Wardlaw, an Irish woman who took part in No7's ?Four Weeks, No Mirrors? challenge where she had ALL mirrors removed from her life for a period of a month, so she couldn't see the effects of the serum until the time was right. She had a chaperone with her at all times to make sure she didn't look in a mirror - she even went to work with her and the chaperone did her makeup each day! Orla regaled us with her hilarious stories of the experience and her genuine approval of the serum as a game-changer in skincare.


We left the wonderful evening, vowing to get home and apply the serum immediately! We'll keep you posted of our experience of it in our beauty section soon.



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