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We look at wedding flowers on a budget...

Almost every newly-engaged gal sees an abundance of blooms, when dreaming of her wedding decor... but not half as many factor in the cost of this dream. We're not-for-a-minute suggesting you downsize the drool-factor; just that, if your budget is limiting, you need to box clever.

Here are our top 5 tips to get the flowers you want for cheaps...

1. Toss the bouquet This is often the largest expense, which we think makes little sense considering you hold it for an hour and spend the rest of the day passing it to bridesmaids... and eventually throw it from a height. Instead considering chanelling more budget into the table centrepieces, which everyone sees throughout the reception.

2. Skimp on your friends It might seem harsh, but the more people you have in your bridal party, the more your costs climb - trimming the number of boutonnieres, bouquets and hair garlands you have to provide could shave hundreds off your bottom line. Either reduce your numbers, or design very simple adornments for your sidekicks.


3. DON'T STAND ON CEREMONY Have your ceremony arrangements designed to double as centrepieces - then while your guests enjoy a post-ceremony cocktail reception, have your florists or planners whip them into position at the reception (this takes some planning, but if you're on the ball can work a treat).

4.STAY CLOSE TO HOME Choose blooms and foliage that are in season, locally, or easy to forage. As soon as you want a rose specific to Eygpt in August, you're asking for trouble - florists will always charge less for materials they can source from local growers.

5. DO IT YOURSELF If a visit to the woods to forage for greenery scares the bejaysus out of you, then a trip to the flower market is the perfect alternative. Learn how to arrange like a pro by taking a course with one of a number of florists who offer workshops - we love Hanako in Cork and Appassionata in Dublin, who'll both have you green-fingered in no time.

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