Blake Lively Guest Starred on Teen Witch?!

If you haven't been following IMAGE mag's brand new coverstar Blake Livley on Instagram, you need to get on that asap. When she's not having adorable banter with her handsome husband Ryan Reynolds, she's giving us bouts of nostalgia and a good giggle.

And sometimes it's all three!

What's sexier than a man on a scooter?! ...everything actually #ThanksFluxCapacitorForRemindingMeHowGratefulIAmThatThe90sAreOver



But did you know she was actually on television sets long before she wore those travelling pants, perhaps (by the looks of it) even before she could dress herself at all?

Blake instgrammed a photo of her toddler-self hanging out with her sister Robyn Lively and teen heartthrob Dan Gauthier during filmming of the cult eighties classic?Teen Witch.

#TeenWitch ( @robynlively ) #BradTheRedHotLover , and me ...I'm only clear on why ONE of us is shirtless.

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#TeenWitch ( @robynlively ) #BradTheRedHotLover , and me ...I'm only clear on why ONE of us is shirtless.

For those of you too young to remember it, imagine Glee mashed with Dr. Who and you have something that sort of resembles Teen Witch. And #BradtheRedHotLover needs no explanation because even 15 years later he's still smokin'. But seeing as we're doing comparisons, his 21st century equivalent would be Chad Michael Murray during his Cinderella Story reign.


Looks like Blake's acting days were long destined, but who knew that toddler with the faux-hawk, sticking her tongue out at the camera would end up being one of the most stunning actresses out there and one of our biggest girl crushes? We wonder if her little girl James is as adorable as Baby Blake...

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