Biggest First Date Turnoff Revealed

We all know there are many things to be worried about before a first date. What to wear, how to style your hair, hoping (and wondering) if any craic will be had - the list is endless. But, just so you're extra prepared for all eventualities well in advance, the number one first date ?turnoff? has been revealed in a new survey.

When it comes to the fairly important part of the date - will you go in for some kissing or won't you (ah come on, it is fairly important) - the biggest turn off is: bad breath. A recent poll by one hygiene company showed that 52 per cent of first-date kissers wouldn't pucker up to someone with ?fag breath.? So if ever you needed an extra reason to pack in those smokes, there it is.

In second place was the smell of garlic, with 27 per cent of those polled saying that would be a turn off on a first date, while 12 per cent said the biggest turnoff was a??bad kissing technique.? And on the subject of kissing technique, the survey, which was done by health company DenTek, also found that 87 per cent of men expected to kiss 'with tongues' on a first date. However, steady on there lads, because only 37 per cent of the ladies felt that this would be the case on a first date.

Keira Knightly & David Beckham Keira Knightly and David Beckham are two of the most 'kissable celebrities.'

The survey also asked people about their preferences for their choice of most kissable celebrities. Men would most like to kiss Keira Knightley (34 per cent) followed by Michelle Keegan (22 per cent) and Kelly Brook (18 per cent).

Women would love to lock lips with David Beckham (63 per cent) followed by Orlando Bloom (14 per cent) and Prince Harry (13 per cent).

We'll be stocking up on the mints before we head out on our next date so?

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