Big dick energy? We prefer big chick energy and here are the Irish people who have it

You may have seen the term 'Big Dick Energy' (or BDE for short) making its way across your newsfeed over the past 24 hours. Do not be alarmed, you aren't being spammed. BDE is the new phrase du jour, and since we always try to be down with the kids here at IMAGE, we thought we'd give an explainer.

In a nutshell (sorry), BDE is what it says on the tin. It's the perceived energy of someone who has a big penis. It's the energy of someone who is very self-assured, who goes after what they want without hesitation. Someone who is attractive; not necessarily conventionally so, but there's something about them that pulls you in.

BDE can, and often does, also apply to those with a smaller dick, or those with no dick at all. Women can have BDE in spades. The 'energy' is the operative word here. You know that aura of someone who is confident; sure of themselves; has that certain je ne said quoi? Well, now that inexplicable vibe has a name. Big dick energy - long may it last.

The phrase originated, as many internet fads do, on Twitter. The story goes that Ariana Grande tweeted (and then deleted) a message about the generous endowment of her new fiancé Pete Davidson (ten inches, would you believe). Twitter went into overdrive, discussing at length (again, sorry) Davidson's anatomy, and christening him as someone who has definite 'big dick energy'. Kids today, eh.

In the ensuing 24 hours, the phrase exploded in popularity, with many more celebrities being pegged as having strong BDE, especially women.


Cate Blanchett? Has it.

Chrissy Teigen? Defo.

Rihanna? Has it in spades.

While we are big fans of women's confidence being applauded and encouraged, and BDE is a gas term, we couldn't help but think; isn't it funny that we have to refer to the male genitalia to signify power? If we are going to bring genitalia into it at all, we're pretty sure that the female genitalia wins on that front.

Bleeds once a month? Check. Pushes a watermelon-sized human out? Check. What has the male genitalia done to further the propagation of the human race? Other than the obvious. Which let's be honest, kind of pales in comparison.

We're all for equality here at IMAGE, but there is something about BDE that just doesn't sit with us. So we thought, what type of energy could Irish women contribute to the conversation? And then it hit us. Big Chick Energy. And reader, we've got that in spades.

BCE is BDE's more feminine, but certainly not softer, sister. BCE is in control, confident and powerful. And there are plenty of amazing Irish people with the title:


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