Beyonce Just Spent The Price Of A House on Shoes. No Really.

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What's the most money you've ever dropped on a luxury item? Don't feel bad about it; life is short and you absolutely should treat yourself from time to time. For some women, it may be a blow-out holiday, complete with butler service. For others it may be a trip to Brown Thomas where you part with enough money to cover your food shopping for the best part of a year on a a double-breasted, floor-length Yves Saint Laurent coat or a timeless Birkin bag. Whatever it is, it's something you're going to put a lot of thought and love into, unless of course you're Beyonce and you can drop $345 THOUSAND on a pair of jewel encrusted heels because hey, it's Tuesday and your shoe department is seriously lacking at the moment.

Yes, you can forget your Manolo's and your Louboutins; Queen Bey is reportedly all about the House of Borgezie, who specialise in the most luxurious, tear-inducingly expensive stilettos. Why spend that much money on a house that you could have for life when you could wear these shoes at least two times in your life? That's a rhetorical question, of course.

Designer Christopher Shellis explained to Footwear News just why they cost so much: "These took over two months to make, with more than 1,300 diamonds set into solid 18K gold. All I can say at the moment is there is a more than very good chance that they are going to be in the next Beyonc? video."

We've yet to lay eyes on the shoes that would have our granny (who often said things like 'in my day, we didn't even have shoes to walk to school in, and it was snowing too, don't you know') turning in her grave but judging by the designer's other offerings, they'll look a little something like this.





Call us crazy but these are, how to put this nicely, HIDEOUS. Sure, in 2004 (the year of naff) they would have been the dream and Paris Hilton definitely would have worn a pair with gallons of false tan but in 2015? No. The little blue butterfly on the back of the ankle? We don't care how many diamonds feature here, pass the Motilium. Then again, as much as we adore Beyonce, she's never been someone we've looked upon for sterling style advice. Sorry, Bey, we still love you.

Is Beyonce a style icon?

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