We love that Bewley's has launched 100% recyclable coffee cups

Did you know takeaway coffee cups aren't generally recyclable? They might look like cardboard and feel like cardboard, but they’re actually made of plastic and are absolutely not recyclable. While they do contain some cardboard, it’s infused with polyethylene, a plastic material that makes the cup waterproof. Recycling centres cannot separate these materials, so every day two million throwaway coffee cups are sent to landfill. But not anymore.

Bewley's has just launched its first ever 100% recyclable takeaway cup. It's designed with a special liner that breaks down in the recycling process; allowing 100% of the paper to be recycled cleanly. Both the cup and the lid can be added to your regular recycling bin at home or at work.

In addition to the recyclable cup, Bewleys has also launched a compostable cup. Manufactured in Ireland, these cups are made from sustainable paper and compostable lids; both of which can be added to your brown compost bin.


This isn't the first move Bewleys has taken towards sustainability. The brand, which was founded 178 years ago, has been actively working on waste reduction since 2007. In fact, it achieved a 91% reduction in waste sent to landfill from its head office and roasting facility in 2010. Managing director Jason Doyle said, "We have always been aware of our responsibility to the environment and always strive to reduce the impact we have on it." He added, "Earlier this year we introduced compostable coffee capsules; to be able to follow up with our new sustainable takeaway cups is something we're really proud of."

Plastic pollution is one of the world's biggest environmental issues right now. Plastic doesn't biodegrade, meaning every single piece of plastic that has ever been made is still floating around in our environment somewhere. That's every takeaway cup; every drinking straw; every plastic fork; and every cotton bud you've ever used. Doyle added, "customers are looking for more sustainable options," with many striving to become environmentally conscious in their everyday lives.


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Photo: Bewley's, Facebook

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