Best sellers on Fetch Beauty: What the people in the know keep buying

Fetch is a content and retail platform for all things luxury beauty. It ships globally and is already home to some of the most innovative niche beauty brands in the world. It's fast becoming a globally recognized platform for leading the way in what’s relevant in skin and beauty innovation. Lucy McPhail is the founder of Fetch Beauty and Lucy will be speaking about founding her business at our next IMAGE Young Businesswoman's Forum on 17th July, but before then, she sat down to tell us about the beauty products that keep flying off her (online) shelves.

As unsexy as this comparison may sound- buying is a lot like being good at gambling or horse racing. You learn how to pick the winners through detailed research and experience and then when you have confidence in your own decision-making ability – you back the horse.

When it comes to beauty there are a lot of one-hit wonders which are promoted through heavy advertising. These are products that you buy once but they don’t live up to the hype or marketing claim’s so customers will not repurchase. When it comes to our best sellers at Fetch Beauty we find that our customer is exceptionally savvy when it comes to innovation. Here are some of our best sellers.

Vitamin C Paste


First up is the Vitamin C Paste from Lixirskin. Even for the beauty novice, it’s easy to incorporate into any beauty routine. Activated by a few drops of water, the Vitamin C mask is a powerful antioxidant and gives an instant glow.

Omega 3 Supplements

Next up is the Omega 3 Supplements from Perricone MD. Dr. Perricone is a dermatologist and nutritional expert so supplements have always been a big part of his product ranges. These are made from Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.

The Lancer Method

The Lancer Method is the brainchild of Beverly Hills Dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer. The starter kit is a great introduction to the brand as it’s a big investment but our customers come back for the full size soon after trialling it.


Nuori Supreme C Polishing Treatment

Nuori Supreme C Polishing Treatment. This product only launched in May but customers are loving the adaptability of the exfoliant and its giving really beautiful results. Great for this kind of weather too as it properly removes sun screen and gently buffs the skin.

Shangpree Black Pearl and Gold Undereye Masks.

We had to triple our last order of these beauties. Shangpree Black Pearl and Gold Undereye Masks. We buy them directly from South Korea and they are truly amazing. It’s a pack of 60 pairs too so they last as long as you keep the lip tight!


Lucy McPhail, founder of Fetch Beauty

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