Best Job Ever: This Woman Is A Professional "Panda Hugger"

If you're feeling low because it's not yet the weekend, we're fairly sure this video will lift your mood. We all have dream jobs, but we?know?this woman has the the actual best job ever. She gets paid almost €25,000 per year to spend her hours hugging baby pandas. It's as cute as it sounds; she actually earns a living cuddled up to gorgeous balls of fluff.

While this video isn't exactly new, it has suddenly made its way around the web again, and for good reason. Just look at those pandas, who want nothing more than to be held. The Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre in China employs?professional panda caretakers on the regular to do this.

The lucky girl in the clip below is a volunteer at a centre which looks after said pandas. Her job is to monitor, feed, and clean the cubs, but we reckon the best part of her duties is, of course, the cuddling! The centre issued a plea last year?asking for volunteers,'so keep an eye out if you're heading off for a year of travelling.

Watch below for the job spec.


Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to save money for a one-way trip to China...

Via Mashable

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