Best Countries in the World to be Gay

A new study has sought to discover where in the world LGBT folk (gay men specifically) are the most happy. However, given the weekend that's just passed, we'd like to challenge this study to a re-match, as Ireland DEMANDS to come out on top, given that we have gone down in history as the first country ever to legalise gay marriage by popular vote.

That's got to make our GWB (Gross Well Being) sky-rocket, right? There's no way we can only rank at number 25.

While we wait for our necessary inclusion, here's the other countries where LGBT people are loving life. As for the reason? Quite simply, gay men and women are happiest where they have the most legal rights, which doesn't exactly surprise us. According to an online survey conducted by?both the Amsterdam-based dating site Planet Romeo and the?Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany, the more accepted the LGBT community are in various societies, in terms of legal rights, the greater their chances of happiness and well being will be.

#ICYMI: Much love for Ireland's referendum result

The top 5 (pre May 22nd)?

5. Uruguay

4. Sweden

3. Denmark

2. Norway

1. Iceland

The worst place to live? Uganda finds itself way down the list at number 127, while surprisingly, Russia sits at 87.


The survey collated data from over 115,000 gay men from all over the globe, looking at individuals' happiness in their own lives, how they feel they are treated in their respective countries, how accepting of gay people their societies are and more. From this, the researchers were able to?create a ranking that chronicles which countries are the best for gay happiness.

The Washington Post list the full 127 countries and various other findings here.

Who's going to phone them up and ask for a more updated ranking?



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