The Best Celebrity Christmas Cards Ever

Sending out Christmas cards is nearly something we all leave until the last minute, and though we might opt for fairly traditional cute snowmen fronting ours, in the land of celebrity, no such thing will do. Public figures enjoy curating cards filled with their faces (very cringe, we know), cheesy graphics and in some cases, serious photoshopping skills at this time of year. They've ranged from the sentimental to way over the top, but it's all part of what makes looking at them so enjoyable.

The royal family kicked things off with an utterly adorable family snap in Kensington Palace and on that inspiring note, we've gathered a few more hilariously festive celebrity-filled cards for you to gander at. Drew Barrymore's choice is delicately charming, Kelly Clarkson's is perfect and some of the Kardashian choices in times gone by have been truly cheesy, but we're presuming it's all part of the fun.


View our favourites in the gallery above, and there's still a little time (but only just) for you to feel inspired either as a last-minute idea or to get ahead for next year...

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