Benedict's New Movie Looks Amazing

Looks like The Imitation Game will nab Sherlock an Oscar...

Benedict Cumberbatch's latest movie charts the wartime experiences of Alan Turing, the man who saved the lives of thousands of soldiers and civilians by cracking the German enigma code during World War II. The newly released trailer for?The Imitation Game looks amazing and we're predicting that come nomination season everyone's favourite eccentric television detective will be laden down with statutettes for his turn as the pioneering mathematician.

Turing's life was one of great accomplishment and tragedy - while he was one of the finest minds at Bletchley Park, where the British intelligence machine was based, his personal life was marred by persecution due to his homosexuality. Alan Turing's wartime contribution wasn't recognised until well after his death due to the Official Secrets Act and in recent years he received an apology from the British government for the way he was treated in his later life. Have a look at the trailer which also stars Keira Knightley, The Good Wife's Matthew Goode,?Game of Thrones' Charles Dance, and our very own Allan Leech of Downton Abbey. Looks compelling, doesn't it? The Imitation Game is due to be released in the Autumn.


Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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