Benedict Cumberbatch Makes Cheesy Car Ad

Because even supposedly classy actors love a pay cheque.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a recently married man, but that doesn't mean armies of women around the world have extinguished their fancy for his upper-class accented and well-tailored coat ways.

While we're waiting for his return to television's Sherlock next year, we do have this car commercial from MG to keep our crush buoyed. It's even something of an homage to the detective, although we're almost certain Sherlock would not an orange coloured car choose.

The English actor drives through the twisting streets of London and the rustic British countryside to the jaunty soundtrack of Sherlock's signature tune. For some reason, these car-in-action clips are regularly interrupted by footage of a young woman with glossy hair and a pink skirt always escaping Benedict's eye line.

We're sure there's a Sherlock denouement scene reason for it all.


MG Cars Benedict Cumberbatch TVC 2015 from MARKETING INTERACTIVE on Vimeo.

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